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New cohort starting March 7th, 2023

SupremeOps is a 10-week remote accelerator that empowers black-owned businesses to focus on improving internal functions to keep their business thriving. With a well-designed plan for operations, companies can maximize their potential as they aim to scale up their business.

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We are passionate about contributing to the ongoing movement to address the racial wealth gap through entrepreneurship. As a black-owned business, we have experienced and recognized that black-owned companies face unique challenges in growth and scalability and that conversations around operational management, customer service, and business development are often overlooked. Our program focuses on teaching from a black experience viewpoint, though we welcome all to apply.


Operational management is the unsung hero of business success – it’s Foxy Brown to everyone’s kick-ass day, able to bring a seemingly haphazard endeavor into orderly harmony. We don’t always take notice when things are going smoothly, but after one lousy shipment or a customer complaint, we come crawling back to operational management for help – and no one knows better how and when those critical decisions need to be made than your operational team.


Not only do structured processes ensure greater efficiency, but they also support scalability – automation can take some of the weight off. At the same time, the expansion of products or services could enhance the customer experience significantly. But most importantly, well-developed standard processes keep things running like a well-oiled machine. This is why having a standardized set of procedures to streamline everyday activities fills us with an almost tangible sense of relief.


We know that most entrepreneurs need support while they embark on their journey of success, and this is precisely what we offer. SupremeOps’s 10-week program gives you focused time to make a difference in your internal functions. With an operational manager beside you every step of the way, assisting you with process improvement ideas and ensuring nothing is left overlooked, your business will come out the other side running like a well-oiled machine! And the best part – there’s no heavy commitment involved, and you can rest assured that you will benefit from some amazing peer group counterparts by your side for further success. Here in the Supreme OPs accelerator, it truly feels like the sky is the limit!


Supreme Ops is designed with flexible working hours in mind. We understand that, as business builders, time is money, and you need to optimize your day-to-day task. Participants are required to commit to attending every other Tuesday from 7 pm- 9 pm ET, but have the freedom to arrange team and peer meetings around their availability on Wednesdays and Thursdays.


Supreme Ops is a fully remote accelerator that provides everything needed for participants to engage in active, virtual learning – all that’s required is access to a workspace, a computer with webcam capability, and a stable internet connection.


Effective operations are fundamental to thriving businesses – as we all know, what good are profits and sales figures if the company isn’t running like a well-oiled machine? Operations directly impact productivity and profitability, from supervising processes to tracking budget trends. Yet many owners fail to appreciate their importance. That’s why the accelerator program is perfect for those who haven’t taken the time to evaluate and strategize these critical functions in their businesses. With its holistic approach to optimizing operations, this program enables you to easily tap into abundant resources to reach your continued growth goals.

Those with an operations manager may benefit from a platform for uncovering fresh perspectives and aiding in new ideas toward process advancements. This way, your operations manager can receive additional assistance to ensure the maximum efficacy of your processes.

Stephannie Kirby bio:

As an experienced entrepreneur and business professional, Stephannie Kirby will guide you through your accelerator experience. Having successfully developed an economic empowerment program, overseen an entrepreneurial program, and delivered business coaching initiatives, Stephannie knows how to keep your business growing. You will have the opportunity to work with her – each step of the way – as you progress through the accelerator, allowing you to maximize your potential and drive your business forward. With 15+ years in the industry, Kirby knows the importance of fostering long-term success through sound operations management. Her mission to maximize potential and drive businesses forward is visible in her work at Black Wealth Culture, a network that supports Black-owned businesses. With Stephannie’s expertise at your fingertips – throughout your accelerator journey – you can be confident that you’ll reach heights you never thought possible.


"I've had an excellent experience working with Stephannie through Black Wealth Culture. Black Wealth Culture has supported my business in expanding our operations and hosting events. Stephannie's professionalism, leadership, and attention to detail have been instrumental assets to my company. I highly recommend the Black Wealth Culture team!"

Kery GrayFounder of Kery Gray Group and NAMD Advocates

"I have worked with Stephannie Kirby for over a year. When we were introduced, I shared my vision for The Ingram Difference with her. Although I had some sense of the direction I wanted to go, it was Stephannie who helped me clarify my goals. Our weekly meetings have been instrumental in taking a vision and making it a concrete reality. I have found Stephannie extremely professional, organized, knowledgeable, creative, and dependable. Her greatest asset is her ability to push me beyond my "baby boomer" self-imposed limits and take the risk of trying something different. She had been the "difference" in The Ingram Difference!"

Reverend Dr. Jessica IngramFounder of The Ingram Difference: Spiritual Renewal Center

Black Wealth Culture was a game changer for my organization. Working with Stephannie, she took her time to analyze our needs and helped tease out strategies to optimize our operations.

Layla NielsenFounder & Principal Strategist. LN & Co

"When I started working for Black Wealth Culture (BWC), attending their Founders Meetup events was a cool experience. Seeing so many black owners together to help each other tackle all sorts of business issues was inspiring. When I eventually chose to leave BWC and pursue my modeling career, I knew that Stephannie would be a perfect source of support and guidance for me in building my online presence. What I liked the most about her was how she invested in helping me with the areas where my skills were lacking - it felt as if she was just as invested in my success as I was. Having someone who is not only knowledgeable but also hands-on, like Stephannie, is great for entrepreneurs. You have to experience it yourself!"

Elijah CoppedgeModel & Video Content Producer

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